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現在では一般的に広く認知されているテクノTechnoニューエイジNew AgeアンビエントAmbient音楽のルーツを探る、ジャーマンプログレを中心(とは限らないですが)とした音源ガイドのサイトです。

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Adelbert Von Deyen / Sternzeit
Mike Oldfield / Return to Ommadawn
Asturias / 極光 (At The Edge Of The World)
Johannes Schmoelling / Wuivend Riet
Johannes Schmoelling / The Zoo Of Tranquillity
Christopher Franke / Pacific Coast Highway
Christopher Franke / The London Concert
Christopher Franke / Universal Soldier O.S.T.
Christopher Franke / Klemania
Christopher Franke / Babylon5 suite
Christopher Franke / Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra
Christopher Franke / Transformation Of Mind
Edgar Froeze / Stuntman
Edgar Froeze / Kamikaze 1989
Edgar Froese / Pinnacles
Peter Baumann / Machines Of Desire
Peter Baumann / Strangers In The Night

Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells
EELA CRAIG / One Niter 他
Patrick Moraz / The Story Of i
Patrick Moraz / Out In The Sun
Edgar Froeze / Aqua / Ages
The N.P.G. Orchestra / Kamasutra overture
芙苑晶 / 宇宙論
芙苑晶 / 年代記
芙苑晶+トランスレイヴドーターズ / 恍惚的宇宙論
Peter Baumann / Romance '76
Peter Baumann / Trans Harmonic Nights
Peter Baumann / Repeat Repeat
Fireballet / Night on Bold Mountain はげ山の一夜
Fireballet / Two, Too...

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Ash Ra Tempel CAN Cluster Conrad Schnitzler Klaus Schulze
Kraftwerk NEU! Pete Namlook Popol Vuh Tangerine Dream (solo)
Devil Doll Frank Zappa Magical Power Mako MAGMA Mike Oldfield
Philip Glass Prince Steve Reich

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